Issue 28 July – August

Volume 5 Issue 4 July-August 2020

1. Laboratory investigations and diagnosis in COVID19

Istiban M, John F, Mitwally A, Malaysia

2. Challenges in Diagnosis of COVID-19: Current Practice

Z.I.Msoni , U.Tsarkov, H.H.Petlovanyi, Ukraine

3. CT scan findings are they specific in COVID-19

Andrew M, Suzan F, Kamil M, 

4. Maternal and Neonatal Pregnancy Outcomes in Cases with Oligohydramnios: A Prospective Study

Rabeeah Hamid Abbas Alkhudhair, Sumayah Khudhair Ahmed, Asmaa Wajdi Ahmed, Republic of Iraq

5. Surgical site infections (SSI) Risk and Complications in Tertiary Centers, A meta analysis

Mohsen A, Ayub S, AlNasir M, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

6. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Myocardial infarction in younger adults and risk of sudden Death

Salma K, Dawood M, Al Demerdash F, AlOmary H, AlNasrawy J, Egypt

7. Chest X-ray imaging in asymptomatic cases with COVID-19 pneumothorax in Delhi

Kumar R, Raj S. Bohran, Nidhi S, India