Issue 28 July – August

Volume 5 Issue 4 July-August 2019

Importance of Ultra sonographic guided aspirated sample in early diagnosis of musculoskeletal tuberculosis among the patients attending tertiary health care center.

Vikramjeet Borgohain, April Chandra, Bhaskar Phukan

Induced Delusional Disorder A Case Report . 

Z.I.Msoni , U.Tsarkov, H.H.Petlovanyi

Intra- and interobserver agreement on the Oestern and Tscherne classification of soft tissue injury in periarticular lower-limb closed fractures

Balakrishnan M. Lugo-Agudelo, Pramod Estrada-Castrillón and Abhishek K. Carlos Oliver Valderrama

Assessment of Prophylactic Anticoagulant Use for Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Adult in Patients at Baghdad Teaching Hospital

Ammar Mohammed Abdul_ALRidha, Haithem Kadhem Mohammed and Salam Kadhem Mohammed3

Comparison of Local and Spinal Anesthesia in Hemorrhoidectomy Evaluation and Clinical Outcome

Sarab Talat Bahjat and Suzan Bahaalddin Faraj

ECG and Echo Finding in COPD Acute Exacerbation

Salam Kadhem Mohammed ,Haithem Kadhem Mohammed and Ammar Mohammed Abdul Ridha Al-Azzawi

Molecular Subtypes of Breast Carcinoma in Iraq

Mahmood Anwer Saeed,Ammar Ibrahim Abd Alridha and Mohammed Ali Zayer