Volume 9 Issue 2

Volume 9 Issue 2 

The Incidence of Decolonizing Patients of Staphylococcus Aureus Nasal Carriage Undergoing Breast Cancer Surgery In The Netherlands.
Gerdan, Geertruida Martina, Anneke, Pitar.

The next big thing A case report on Blood Pressure Variation encountered in my clinic
Dr.Julie Christopher.
M. Sankethguddad, W.P Kamala,S.N. Nayak, Abhijeet R. Salman.

Ultrasonic assessment in pre-operative cataract patients
Bello R.H , Adeoti W.A.

Variation of thyroid hormone levels in patients receiving peritoneal dialysis
 Dr. Mahdi Abd Al- Murtadha Ismael  Al- Isawi , Dr. Majid Abdulhameed Muslim Almatwari

Charcot Foot Surgical Teatment
Dr. Mohammed Naema Hawar Alaade, Dr. Sadeq Enad Abdulabbas Alowaidi and Dr. Samer Rasmi Abdulameer Al-Musawi Al-Zamili .

Maternal and Neonatal Pregnancy Outcomes in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – A Case Control Study
Dr. Jameelah Challoob Baruni Al-Saedi .

Verification of the functional imbalance of the immune system in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis  
  Ciais, P., Reichstein, M.

Comparison of the effectiveness of high-flow oxygen insufflation and continuous positive pressure thoracoscopic surgery
Inci Nilay Banu

The Effect of Adding Nitroglycerine to Lidocaine in Biers Block for Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery
Dr. Haitham Abdulsattar Sahib Al-Jaafari, Dr. Hassan Sarhan Haider and Dr. Sawsan Mudher Kareem